Learning to work in the areas of your strength

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Learning to work in the areas of your strength

Starting a business takes stamina, perseverance, and grit. It is much easier to quit than to push through. Building a business in this era requires knowledge in more areas than I was aware of! More specifically anything that was computer related threw my brain for a loop. I needed to put those contributing factors aside and focus on maximizing my learning, make improvements where needed, and stay focused on what was strong and not what was wrong. I have come to the realization that I am not superman and will never acquire every skill to be an entrepreneur or inventor. I took a step out of my ‘normal’ perceptions and started to focus in on my strengths, gifts, and talents. 

I am incredibly gifted in creating and building products with my hands. This is where I started. I began to challenge myself, asking the hard questions and answering them truthfully. “Is this out of my league?” “Am I in over my head?” “Can I learn these skills in a reasonable time frame?” When you honestly answer these questions, you begin to work in spaces that are your strengths, and search out your weaknesses, but another person’s strength. Then the networking begins but that is another blog!

Business to business relationships form as we know, what the other person is going through. The company that stands out is Office Guardians. Working with Melissa and Stephen has been such an amazing experience! We joke that they are our guardian angels! They are the general contractors that work behind the scenes of a business and make it run smoothly and stress-free. We highly recommend this company and we are very excited to watch their business flourish! Check out www.officeguardians.ca, they have helped us turn our challenges into opportunities.

Stephen and Melissa,

Thank you for getting us to the next level! I remember when we first started chatting and you said you take the stress out of the parts we aren’t so strong at. You encouraged us to focus on what was strong. We did, we didn’t stress about anything as you clearly had it under control. You were ahead of schedule with all your completion dates and the quality of service has been top notch! Thank you Melissa and Stephen, it has been a pleasure working with you on this project and we are excited with our up-coming projects in the near future.


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  • Terry

    Great product and certainly saves the seals of the front forks. GREAT GREAT GREAT

  • Melissa

    Thank you Ashley! We loved working with you on this project. Your words about Office Guardians are so kind, thank you for being awesome clients. We are excited to see how Bike Binderz grows! This product is awesome and once people figure out that its available to them, it will change the industry.

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