Bike Binderz Snowbike / Dirt-Bike Kit Raw Aluminum

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  • All Bike Binderz foot-peg boxes are CNC milled from a solid piece of 6061 billet aluminum just like your high-end foot-pegs for MAXIMUM strength, this eliminates the weak heat affected zone caused by welding.
  • Snow-bike Binderz now fit 2021 C3 powersport wider footpegs
  • Video below shows why any single anchor point system is never recommended!!
  • Working load limit 360 lbs

These heavy duty, but easy to use snow-bike tie downs lock over your foot pegs with a quick pin and a cantilever adjuster.

Just put the Bike Binderz over your foot peg, install the quick pin, lift up on the cantilever and your bike is locked down.

Comes with 12" of L-Track to mount to your deck, truck box or trailer floor.

Tested to 1500 LBS of force.

Great way to eliminate the tie down tangle up with multiple bikes, they are stronger, lockable and works with the wheel kit on or off your bike, worry free and awesome!

  • Footpeg box size 2 5/8 wide 1 1/2 tall

Sold in a pair.



Usually ships between 1 and 3 days.

15% Restock fee on all returns, scratched Binderz are not returnable.