Bike Binderz E Track Dirt Bike Kit

Bike Binderz

Bike Binderz E track kit is best suited for people who already use E track.Usually ships between 2 and 5 days.

Bike Binderz are an innovative way to lock down your motocross bike in the back of your truck, trailer,Motovan or toy-hauler

Our simple, lightweight and durable device eliminates tie-downs, bulky wheel chocks and not to mention that un-wanted pressure on the suspension. Designed to evolve with you     50CC – 450  we guarantee you’ll never have another headache with tie-downs.

15% Restock fee on all returns, scratched Binderz are not returnable.

Kit includes 
- 2 Bike Binderz with E track fittings 
- 2 E Track single floor anchor points
- All necessary hardware  

Sold in a pair.



  • Fits 50CC Junior, 50CC Senior, 65CC, 85CC, Supermini, 250, 450 | Removes pressure from the front forks and seals | Remove the use of any tie downs, and wheel chocks | Comes with all necessary mounting hardware and a set of Binderz
  • Aircraft Grade Aluminum | 4.12 LBS | Dimensions | Breaking Strength 1500 LBS
  • Do I have to drill holes in my truck to do this? Yes, 4 quarter inch holes | How much does the bike move? Front to back 0. Side to side 1-1.5 inch at the handlebars in rough terrain. | Is there any warranty? Yes, all our products come with a 1-year warranty | Where are they made? We manufacture in Alberta Canada | Will they fit my motorcycle pegs? We are designed to fit all of factory and after-market pegs | Does this system work on snow-bike's? NO!! We make a snow-bike kit Designed specifically to handle the weight and layout of a bike with no wheels    | Will the fit a 50CC? Yes, Bike Binderz fits all sizes of bikes because of our unique design our chain is adjustable to accommodate any and all sizes | Are they sold in a pair? Yes | What material is the product made out of? Industrial high-grade aluminum

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