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What to Pack Before You Hit the Mountain

When going out snow biking or snowmobiling, it is important to make sure you have the right supplies with you. Weather can change suddenly and sometimes unforeseen circumstances arise. It is best to be prepared so that if anything were to happen – you are ready!

Personal Items to have:
-Any medications you may need
-Safety certification card (if required)
-A phone (with a charged battery)

Safety Equipment:
Most of these items are for emergency situations but having them with you at all times is important as you never know when an emergency may arise.

-Fire starter
-A spare key
-A GPS (fully charged)
-Ice picks attached to a cord (if travelling on frozen lakes and rivers)
-BCA probes & Shovels
-BCA Float avalanche air bag
-Two way radio
-Avalanche transceivers


-A strap
-A knife
-Electrical or Duct Tape
-Bungee Cord
-Basic tool kit
-Spare parts / sparkplug / red loctite

First Aid Kit:
-2-inch compresses
-4-inch compresses
-A roll of 2-inch gauze
-A roll of 1-inch gauze
-Adhesive tape
-A thermal/space blanket
-Alcohol wipes
-Antibiotic ointment
**Keep all items stored in a waterproof container.


We hope that you never end up in a situation where you need to use most of these items but having a plan and the proper equipment with you will help if any unfortunate circumstances arise.

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