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Instructions for Dirt Bike L Track and E track Kits

Congratulations on your purchase of a Bike Binderz kit. we know that you are going to enjoy loading your bike securely and safely. Say good by to complicated tie down processes and hello to more time on your bike.

This page contains the information you need to correctly install your Bike Binderz system.

Mounting Instructions For Dirt-Bike Snow-Bike Kits


Drill, wrench, sharpie, drill bit measuring tape
What You Need:
  • 5/32 hex key
  • 7/16 wrench
  • tape measure
  • sharpie
  • drill


  1. Find the Location where you want your bike to sit during Transportation, make a mark straight down from the ends of the foot Peg on the floor/deck/solid mounting base, Secure the anchor points to the floor with the supplied hardware.
  2. Adjust the bike binder to the appropriate chain link so that when the binder handle is in the down position the top of the binder sits just below the top of the footpeg, bikes with softer suspension need to be adjusted tighter.
  3. Lean the bike over and Slide the 1st aluminum box over top of the foot Peg pushing the Locking pin completely through the footpeg.
  4. Repeat on the other side and the bike will stand free with little weight on the suspension.
  5. For transportation lift up on the handle to bind down the bike and place the Locking pin through the handle, now your bike is secure and ready for transportation.
  6. For additional stability on the dirt bike kit use the supplied velcro strap on your front brake lever.

    L Stud Instructions:

    grasp casing with thumb and forefinger push plunger
    1. Grasp the housing of stud fitting between your first and second fingers. Place your thumb on the plunger in the middle ring and depress.
    2. line the stud fitting with the middle hole on the surface mount kit.
    3. push the stud fitting down & slide forward or backward in the L track to desired location.
    4. Align the plunger between any two holes, release the plunger and housing to engage.
    5. Grasp the stud by ring or chain and slide forwards and backwards to ensure the housing has engaged and locked into the track.
    6. To remove the stud fittings simply grasp the housing between your first and second fingers, place thumb on plunger in the middle of the ring and depress. Slide the stud fitting to any hole in the track and lift to remove.


      Correct Installation:

      Make sure the Binder is secured on both sides of the anchor point.

      correct anchor point installation
      wrong installation of stud

      Let unused chain hang loose and free of binding

      let unused chain hang freely

      Incorrect adjustment will cause binding.

      Incorrect adjustment will cause binding of the chain

      Use two 7/16 wrenches to remove lock nut and connecting arms, adjust chain to proper height (50cc to 450cc and beyond).

      Example of a 50cc adjustment

      Warnings and Disclaimers

      warning symbol
      • Binderz MUST be mounted vertical, this kit cannot be mounted wider than the footpegs or damage can occur.
      • Ensure the pin is completely pushed through the footpeg 

      • Do not drive over the Binderz This will void warranty

      • Do not Use dirt-bike kit on snow-bikes

      • Maximum Weight Dirt-bike is 275lbs

      • Maximum Weight snow-bike is 360LBS


      Additional Information and Contact:

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      Call 855-724-6458 Monday to Friday 9-5 MST -7