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How Bike Binderz Came To Be

I am a typical Albertan man. I love my Ford Pick-up, country music, and most importantly my wife and son. I was born and raised in Morden, Manitoba. My freedom was my dirt-bike. I would ride my worries away.

With new life changes and priorities, my dirk-bike days were parked, but never forgotten.

My son jumped on his first dirt bike when he was 6. (It would have been much sooner, but my lovely wife needed a lot more convincing) He is a natural. He is consistent, strong, and focused, and loves the freedom, as much as I did as a kid! I wanted to experience this freedom again; I wanted to get back into the game. It was just as I remembered, but better! I could afford better gear, and a decent bike! What’s better than spending time with your son while riding? Riding became my worry-free zone, and I wanted to experience more of this freedom feeling. I wanted it all the time. Is that even possible? All I knew was I loved picking up my boy and going to the and riding till they closed. 

Ashley and Sol | Bike Binderz

My gears are constantly turning; what can I invent, create, or build? I have been designing and building products for 20+ years, the only difference was I was building them for someone else. Naturally I began to look around to see a problem that I could solve. Shortly after, I had a friend approach me to make him an ingenious snowmobile stacking system. He had no room in his garage because he had too many toys. I thought long and hard, drew some pictures, made some proto-types, and a few months later, had an awesome product that doubled your garage floor space. It is brilliant. It is also huge, but I loved being able to solve a problem with my own invention. Creating that got me thinking about what problem I could solve, in an area I am passionate about, and so, Bike Binderz was invented.

Starting this business venture has certainly been an adventure! From patents, to websites, to marketing, to manufacturing, I have learnt so many lessons along the way, and know many more will come.

What I do know is Bike Binderz is parallel with the philosophies of motocross. It has a positive influence for everyone, whether they are a rider, racer, or enthusiast.

  • Motocross teaches how it is essential to goal set, and how to prepare to achieve those goals. In order to achieve my own goals the same principles apply.
  • Motocross reinforces personal dedication and the willingness to never give up. In my business adventure, I am constantly reminding myself to block out the chaos around me, and do my personal best, and keep my eye on the goal.
  • Motocross has the reputation of being a tight – family orientated sport. It teaches our children the value of encouraging and supporting others. Bike Binderz is a tight-family run business. We are dreaming together, and love being a part of the motocross family.




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