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Make Your Own

If you have the tools, talent and time you can fabricate your own bumper hitch carrier. Take a look at the pictures below to see what our awesome customers have rigged up as well as a custom carrier created by Bike Binderz Founder Ashely*. Pair your bumper hitch carrier with a Bike Binderz Adventure Bike Kit or Snow Bike Kit and some Bike Binderz L-Track and you are all set for a quick and easy load and an exciting adventure.

Where can I buy a Bumper Hitch Carrier?

Don't have the time or inclination to build one yourself? Check out Motorax at They have many different bumper carriers to choose from and would be happy to make them Bike Binderz compliant for you. Here are some pictures of Motorax in action.

Which Kit Should I use with a Bumper hitch carrier?

We ONLY recommend that you use either an Adventure Bike Kitor a Snow Bike/Dirt Bike Kit. Why? Because both of these kits attach with two anchor points instead of just one on either side of the bike. This gives twice the security and twice the hold for the roughest of conditions. You can rest easy knowing that Bike Binderz will keep your bike in place during your trek. Please note that you can NOT use an Adventure Bike Kit With A Snow Bike. You CAN, however, use both the Snow Bike Kit AND the Adventure Bike Kit with a Dirt Bike or E-Bike.


Please note above pictures are examples of what our customers have done in the past. They are not to be construed as a "How To" manual to build a bumper hitch carrier. Bike Binderz waives all responsibility and liability to the creation of bumper hitch carriers based on the above information.