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Lifetime Limited Warranty

Lifetime Limited Warranty, WHO DOES THAT? No-one else, that's who! We offer a LIFETIME limited warranty on all of our Bike Binderz. All structural components and manufacturer defects are covered, FOR LIFE!

✔️ Anchor Breaks – covered

✔️ Box Breaks – covered

✔️ Handle Breaks – covered

✔️ Pin Breaks - covered

We trust the strength, and durability of our Bike Binderz so much that we are willing to make this guarantee. Did we mention it’s for LIFE?


What's not covered?

❌ Normal wear and tear (powder coating chips, wire fraying - stuff like that)

❌ Accidental damage from driving over the Bike Binder or a motor vehicle incident


Not sure if your Binderz are covered?


Just reach out to us, and we'll let you know. We want you to have an awesome experience with Bike Binderz, so we are always willing to talk. 


Please note, the manufacturer assumes no responsibility for damages to equipment or property due to misuse or neglect of the product.