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Snowbike VS Snowmobile 2018

Snow-bike VS Snowmobile

Snow-bikes have radically improved over the past decade, reliability, track design and improved suspension year after year. Whether you prefer the fully carbon fiber yeti snow mx, with that incredible front ski or the time tested timbersled pushing the limits with it's new ARO kit, there is definitely a kit for everyone.  Many would agree the snowmobiles have had some major wins too, horse power being the major advantage. I will start by saying there is no right or wrong answer. Anywhere you wanna go VS Braaap. This reminds me of the 2 stroke / 4 stroke battle still going on today.

When we asked our buddies, we asked one's who have ridden both machines. More than half mentioned the costs of their winter sport and their summer sport. Snowmobile in winter, and dirt bike in the summer. Snow-biking offers the versatile of 2 opposite sports using 1 machine. Makes good financial sense. Of course any motor head knows how to blow the budget. For snowmobilers its all light weight parts and turbos, and for snow-bikers its engine mods, ECU's, heated handle bars and much more, and of course that's where we fit in. 

The next commonality was how easy snow-biking is. A sport the wife and kids could certainly be a part of. Both sports are family orientated. No limits. Going where no one has gone before. The mature 40+ were our most passionate riders. They love riding dirt-bike but the wipe outs change with age. Snow-biking gave them the exhilaration experienced in their younger years. Their eyes lit up as they talked about how much fun they had! 

The snowmobilers are loyal. They are die-hards, and for many great reasons! The power behind a snowmobile is incredible. Lets face it, their reputation dominates in the backcountry for a reason. 

It doesn't matter which side of the fence you sit on, just have fun! Less Strap more Braaap! 
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Photo credits: 
Snowmobile picture is courtesy of Snowest Magazine  
Featured image courtesy of Brock Hoyer @brock_hoyer 
Truck photo courtesy of Cody Matechuk @matechuk111 
Snowbiker motion shot courtesy of Cody Matechuk @matechuk111 
2018 Winter X-Games Gold Metalist

Written by Ashley Hildebrand and his side kick ;) 





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