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No one will forget this winter anytime soon.

This winter has been unusual. Record amounts of snow in our neck of the woods. The consensus seems to be the same across the map.  

For those who love the snow-related sports, this winter has been a little piece of heaven. We know the snow-bikers/snowmobilers in Alberta having been raving about the incredible snow conditions. 

Speaking of record breaking snow falls the snow-sports industries have also had a record breaking year with sales. We heard Timbersled sold 5500 aro kits! For us here at Bike Binderz we have doubled our sales and growing along side this amazing dynamic industry. 

What is your season and what is your sport? My family all participate in winter sports but we typically lean to summer, particularly the ones that involve water. 

We could have not made it this far without our support from our customers! Thank you. Your feedback, cheers and recommending friends has been the greatest high five we could get! 

We don't slow down for our next season. We are heading into Spring and our dirt-bike kits have already been flying out the doors. Do you switch your bike over in summer? 

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January 26, 2019

This past winter, I bought two snowbike kits for my open trailer. After having to deal with frozen hands and fingers, frozen, crudded up, iced up straps and having to deal with strapping all sorts of stuff to the open trailer, and the mega-pain of dragging the snowbike off the trailer, I decided to get an enclosed trailer. The two snowbike kits were awesome but once we got a new bike for my boy, then my wife, then my girl, and having to walk around the straps for both bikes along with the eye bolts in the deck, and the wheel chocks once the bikes were out of the trailer, I had to get two more dirtbike L-track kits and I’m so glad I did as the ability to both walk in the trailer as well as having more space for storage as we’ve been using the trailer to both haul the bikes as well as all the camping gear we’ve been taking with us, not to mention the time and hassle with NOT needing straps anymore is just so precious.

I’m one that does switch the Camso DTS 129 kit over for the summer as my bike is a Triple Sport, dirt, street and snow. Until the electric bikes are proven, I’m ok with swapping it all over twice a year.

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